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15W series CCC horizontal switching power supply, in line with CCC China standard switching power supply certification standard, with overload protection, overvoltage protection, constant voltage function, constant current function, the product is mainly used for lamps, fitness equipment, small household appliances, battery charging , Motors and other fields.



Physical Dimension L x W x H :  62.5mmx 42mmx 28.5mm
Input Voltage 110-240V
Input Frequency 50Hz
Output Voltage 5-36V
Output Current 20-3000MA
Output Power 15W Max
Special Function OCP,SCP
HIPOT Testing 3750Vac/5mA/Min
Ac Pin Type CCC
Mean Time Between Failures 50,000 HOURS AT FULL LOAD AND 25°C AMBIENT
Application CLASS 2 POWER UNIT
Safety Certification GB-19510.1-2009,GB-19510.14-2009,GB/T17743-2017
Safety Regulations And Electromagnetic Interference Standards EN 55015:2013+A1:2015;EN 61547:2009;EN 61000-3-2:2014;EN 61000-3-3:2013
Energy Efficiency Standards VI
Output Method USB,  DC JACK , CORD
Protection Index IP20(Indoor use)
Burn-In 100% Full Load Burn in
Operating Temperature -20~40℃


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