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Battery box controller, through the DC-DC step-up circuit, program to control the different flashing modes of the light string, can also be designed as a timing control mode, can be placed up to 3 batteries. It is mainly applicable to the control field of decorative light strings composed of LEDs, such as the power supply for Christmas lights and the power supply for decorative lamps.



Physical dimensionL x W x H :  105.5mmx 65mmx 23mm
Input voltage4.5-36VDC
Output Current0.6A MAX 
Application Lighting Chain
Electromagnetic interference standardEN 55015:2006+A1:2007+A2:2009;EN 61547:2009
Protection indexIP44(Indoor/Outdoor use)
Burn-in100% Full Load Burn in
Operating temperature-20~40℃ 
Color tempreture regulation 10 functions1.COMB  2.2200 3.2700 4.3000 5.3500 6.3800 7.Flash1 8.Flash2 9.Fade 10.OFF
11 functions1.COMB  2.C1 Steady ON With Jump Light  3.C2 Steady ON With Jump Light  4.C1 Mixture  5.C2 Mixture  6.Slo-Glo  7.Breathing  8.C1 Slo-Glo  9.C2 Slo-Glo  10.FLASH  11.In Wave

RGB 50 functions

Model / ColorRedLight greenGreenCyanBluePurpleWhite7Color
Mode 1red steady onlight green steady ongreen steady oncyan steady onblue steady onpurple steady onwhite steady on7C jump change
Mode 2red slow fadelight green slow fadegreen slow fadecyan slow fadeblue slow fadepurple slow fadewhite slow fade7C slow fade
Mode 3red shining starlight green shining stargreen shining starcyan shining starblue shining starpurple shining starwhite shining star7C exploding
Mode 4random redrandom light greenrandom greenrandom cyanrandom bluerandom purplerandom whitechasing
Mode 5watering redwatering light greenwatering greenwatering cyanwatering bluewatering purplewatering white7C watering
Mode 6red star showerlight green star showergreen star showercyan star showerblue star showerpurple star showerwhite star shower7C star shower
Mode 7///////7C change
Mode 8///////7C drifting
DimmingFour Dimmer:100%、75%、50% 、25%

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